Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

We make a charge of £95 to cover the cost of a MIAM. If both you and your ex attend, we charge £95 for each of you. This includes the cost of the form to allow you to apply to court, if required.


We make a charge of £120 per person, per hour for the actual time that you spend with the mediator in the mediation room.

Funding is currently available for child arrangement mediation meetings through the ‘Voucher Scheme.’ The Voucher Scheme would enable you to have two mediation meetings at no charge.


If mediation concerns financial issues, the mediator will normally prepare two documents to record the outcome of mediation: a Statement of Financial Information and a Memorandum of Understanding. We normally make a charge of £120 per person, per document.

We do not normally make a charge to draw up documents recording agreed arrangements for a child or children: this cost is usually included in the overall cost of mediation.

We may need to make an additional charge to record either financial or children’s arrangements if particularly complex documents are required, but the mediator will discuss this with you in advance.

Letters, telephone calls and email

We do not charge for routine letters, telephone calls and email.

We may need to make a charge if you ask us to send a letter or email which continues the discussions in mediation (e.g. to exchange further documents or information in between meetings) but the mediator will discuss this with you in advance.

The only time we will charge you for anything else is if you fail to attend a meeting that you have arranged, or if you cancel a meeting with less than 48 hours’ notice. If this happens, we will charge you the full cost of the meeting as booked.